Sunday, 7 February 2010

The week in bullshit?

Brooker's already got "The Week in Bullshit" as a regular slot on his show, so I need a new name. Anyone got any ideas? "Weekly wank-round?" Also need theme music. So everyone hum Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love in TOTP style while you're reading.

Anyway, here's my favourite idiocy-related stories from this week:

5. UK taxpayer to pay £200 million for visit of homophobic, misogynistic bigot who thinks our equality laws fly in the face of some non-existant "natural law".
He's a cunt, vote against him here.
Laugh at some parodies here and here.

4. Cherie Blair let's a guy off jail sentence because he's religious
Apparently being religious means violence is OK. Daily Mash strike back.

3. Tories given ticking off about their bullshit violent-crime statistics
Here's the original article explaining why they're bullshit

2. MMR scare doctor found to have acted dishonestly and irresponsibly.
Like we didn't know that already. He'll likely be found guilty of serious professional misconduct too. The Lancet finally fully withdraws the bullshit paper he was probably paid to produce, and yet still some parents would still rather risk the death or blindness of their babies than give them a proven vaccine, despite there being no genuine evidence against it.

1. Scientologists practice "Touch-Healing" in Haiti before going home in disgrace.

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