Sunday, 14 February 2010

And on the 7th day, he blogged.

It's late, so I'm only doing three today.

3. Of course the religious have a clearer moral code than secularists.
Like fuck! It might be clearer, but clearer != better. A.C Grayling annihilates Cherie Blair and her apologists.

2. Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine Kills
Woman's treatment for spots causes kidney failure and cancer. But apparently herbal medicine can't hurt you, becuase it's "natural"

1. Anne Widdicombe talks shite about the 10 commandments.
This program is so embarrassing I almost can't believe she allowed it to go on the air. When I watched it, they showed an advert for solutions to erectile dysfunction before the program. After 45 minutes looking at that harridan, I ordered some.
The Heresiarch pulls it apart

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