Monday, 26 July 2010

Government Policy on Homeopathy is...

My summary of the report
  • Yes we know homeopathy is worthless bullshit, but some people don't know or don't believe it's bullshit, so we'll let individual regions' trusts decide whether they want to spend public money on it. 
  • We promise to tell people it doesn't work though, but we'll still buy it for them with your money if they still want it after we've told them. 
  • It's too difficult to find out how much we're currently spending on it, so we won't bother. 
  • We'll continue to allow people to put indications on remedies, because it's better to have something rather than nothing on the label (even if that something is wrong), because at least then we can regulate how they are made. 
  • It's OK to lie to people about how these pills can cure minor self-limiting illnesses, and that probably won't lead to people thinking it works for Malaria or AIDS.
Fucking moronic cowards.

Please read the sci-tech evidence check report, if you haven't already.

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